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Each set of Woodland people are created in their on habitat in the Fomul Forest. Each addition to the family is unique and are OOAK (one-of-a-kind) miniatures. Woodland people are made solely out of polymer clay, paints are not used, but, instead color is derived by the clay itself. The only addition is a bit of antiquing to give the people their aged/dirty look.

Anyone interested in having Woodland People come and live with them please contact me for arrangements and prices.

Each piece has a name, story and they are numbered and signed by the artist/creator of the Woodland People.

They will bring a smile to anyone’s face but most of all they will spark that child in all of us and spark the imagination to see the magical properties of the Woodland People

What are Woodland People, you ask?  They are little creatures like tiny little Trolls or Elves. They live in the woods and make their homes out of logs, trees, boroughs, pods or any place they can find to snuggle in and sleep. They are friendly, happy little people that just love to bring smiles to everyone.

The Woodland Creatures live in the forest beyond the typical eye of humans. They have the ability to live and communicate with animals and humans alike, as long as the humans believe in the magic of myths and folklore.

The Woodland Family are known as “The Meshuganahs” (Ma-Shug-a-Na) which in Yiddish means “Little Crazy Ones”.  They are a lot of small families that live together as one large Woodland Family. Each is unique in their own ways and each has their place, duties, responsibilities and roles in the Woodland Family. The Woodland people do not have much and do not need much they live off the land and exist through the happiness of family and friends.

Now that the leaders Shazbah and Jezbah have found a place high in the Yukon for the Woodland People to live in they where can live together in peace, happiness and harmony. They are putting the word out to the Woodland people to come and be together once again in the Fomul Forest. 

Another family wandered in today there are three of them and they will be a great addition to the Woodland Family. Uncle Trapper and Uncle Jeddie are great at foraging for food and their nephew Tinker is going to follow right in their footsteps. Tinker may be small but he will search for homes for each of the families to snuggle into. They have made the trip from the foothills of Tennessee as you can see from the hillbilly type hats.

We hear daily that the Woodland people are trudging hard every day on their journeys to arrive here in the Fomul Forrest (Forrest of Many Layers) as soon as possible. Human people do not realize when they walk through the forest how many layers there are because humans do not usually look past the “Forrest for the Trees”. Humans take everything at face value and never try to look below the top layer to see what lies within. Therefore they do not get to enjoy one of the true blessings in life and that is the endless child within.  The child that is within all of us and believes, has faith and always looks below the top layer.

Well, today while looking for food they looked across the meadow and saw someone sitting against a stump so they headed over there and discovered Grinly propped up where he had slept last night. But, there is a problem and a good thing the Woodlands happened upon him. Grinly has been attacked while sleeping by the Creeper Vines, they have twisted all around his body and since he traveled alone he could go get loose. So he was waiting and hoping that someone would discover him before it was to late.  

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